PAW Patrol 6-V Powered ride-on Train with Tracks and a Caboose Video!

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Hi and thanks for visiting! This PAW patrol ride-on toy train is one that will make your energetic 12-36-month-old toddler smile from ear to ear and provide hours of fun time that helps to promote button pushing, lever movement, balance, and foot usage for the go peddle.

When we were in Walmart, Ma’la’ki noticed this 6v PAW Patrol train, one because it’s PAW patrol lol and he was fascinated with the boy on the box riding the train around. So we showed it to him and he looked excited so we brought it home and now you guys can check it out and see how it works too!

I have to say it is a super cool toy. Our son LOVES his new PAW patrol ride on train toy. You can tell in the video by how he looks around while he is going down the track. He is really enjoying himself. We did make a modification to the go peddle, Ma’la’ki is learning the fact that he must push his foot down to go. In order for him to have some initial “plug-n-play” fun, we just taped the peddle down so he didn’t have to worry about it.

“Ma’la’ki LOVES his new PAW Patrol ride on train toy!”

I am disappointed tho after looking at other trains like this, some have a reverse lever. This one does not. Also, I’ve seen where some of the wheels have better traction devices like rubber on the wheels. This one doesn’t have anything but grooves, so making it go without the track part sticking up to catch the wheel grooves is near impossible as well as the fact that you can not steer it like you can with some others. If it does catch traction it just kinda slides in one direction till it hits the wall.

All in all, this is a great toy, seriously worth the money and it is Ma’la’ki approved!

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