Peppa Pig – Peppas car surprise toys [Unboxing a 24 pack!]

Ma’la’ki’s grandma went bonkers and bought him a full 24 pack of Peppa pig car surprise toys! See him unwrap a 24 pack of Peppa Pig Fun! We spread it out and opened a few each day before Christmas so it wasn’t too overwhelming for him.

He ended up actually getting the complete set, including the seriously hard to find Molly mole. He actually got TWO molly Mole figures and oddly enough they both came in a BLUE Peppa pig car. I’m wondering if you all have found Molly mole in a blue car? Comment on the Video and let us know what color car you found Molly in!

Look for more videos from Christmas 2020 on the way! #peppapigcar #peppapigtoys #unboxing #christmas2020 #mollymole

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