Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium for Ma’la’ki’s 2nd Birthday!

On August 2nd, 2021 Ma’la’ki turned 2 years old! He had a fun day filled with lots of new experiences. His day consisted of visiting the Pittsburgh Zoo, PPG Aquarium, and Seabase Family Fun Center. He had a blast and loved the Aquarium. After the zoo and aquarium, we went to Seabase Family Fun Center.

We wanted to stop there and get him his favorite food, pizza but the kid (maybe 16) who was “running” the snack bar informed us that it had closed 4 minutes earlier and we couldn’t get him any food.

We are still debating on if we ever want to go back to the Seabase Family Fun Center, they really let us all down on his birthday and it seemed like there was no “Adult” manager on duty to talk to. After the Seabase letdown, we headed home for Birthday Cake!

Hope you enjoy visiting the Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium with us! If you haven’t visited the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aquarium you MUST make a point to go. BUT beware, it is a LOT of walking, up very steep paved walkways.

They offer electric scooter rentals, however, they cost $30 per rental so only those that can afford to pay such a high fee can use them. If we could have afforded it, it would have been VERY worth it. Jump to the aquarium @4:24 #malakisworld #pittsburghzoo #ppgaquarium #2ndbirthday

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