How to Make a Glitter sensory Bottle

Wow, it looks amazing! Come watch as we make an easy glitter sensory bottle with vegetable oil and Karo syrup.

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The Karo syrup adds a really neat effect and suspends the glitter in a really nice, slow freefall in a slightly cloudy liquid. In this fun 20 min. Sensory bottle DIY video we show you how to create this project. We used three different viewpoints so you can really enjoy seeing the process take place which provides for some great video. This project can be enjoyed by babies, toddlers, and adults. We hope you and your family enjoy this new video and please subscribe to watch all of our new videos as we add them each week.  

WARNING! There is a way to seriously mess this up! So, read on, view the video, or check out the how-to make a sensory bottle with glitter instructional tutorial below. It is a very easy project, you may already have everything you need!

If not, eBay has everything you need to make this sensory bottle below:

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Ma’la’ki loves his sensory bottle, actually all of his sensory bottles. He has 5 so far in different sizes. Check out his channel to view the other sensory bottle projects we’ve done with him and see how he likes them.

All you need is a clear bottle or clear container with a screw-on lid, an assortment of different glitters, Karo syrup and vegetable oil, and anything else that you want to toss in but I do recommend using only glitters. I found that the Karo and oil separate from each other with the oil on top and Karo on the bottom. This created a think layer of glitters and buttons got stuck where the two liquids separated. It came out cool and it seemed that the oil attracted the small sliver glitters to the top.

The Karo at the bottom was so neat looking. I decided to put a light under the bottle which ended up reflecting off of all the glitters and in the video it show’s how the light reflections dance around the bottle as they rise and fall. Very satisfying, to watch the
glitters slowly fall to settle where they are going to finally stay and then to add light from the bottom, very neat.

I’m thinking of maybe another video. What do you think? Maybe a lighted glitter bottle. That would be cool! Comment and let us know how you liked the video! We decided to get a mix of glitters and one that I think had a big impact on the look of the sensory bottle is the long glitters. They floated so well.

Well, enjoy the instructions below as well as the video, and please like and subscribe and share this page with someone you think might be interested! Thanks again so much for watching, visiting, and supporting Ma’la’ki’s World!!

Yield: One Glitter Sensory Bottle

Glitter Sensory Bottle

tada! A finished glitter sensory bottle!

This how-to, hopefully, will help you make a really cool homemade toy for your baby, toddler, or young child with things you might already have just laying around the house. Pretty much you just need a clear bottle or smaller container with a screw-on lid, some glitter, vegetable oil, Kyro syrup, and super glue for the lid.

This is a fun project for you and your child to do anytime, with minimal ingredients. Ma'la'ki has been playing with his bottle for a few days now and he loves to take it and put it in the window so it gets backlight with the sunlight and makes all of the glitter sparkles as it slowly falls and settles where it is going to stay. Honestly, I love staring at it too!

There is a way to do this right so things don't end up in a jumbled mess at the bottom. so, read on!

An extra AWESOME step is to take your phone and turn the flashlight on and set the bottle on top in the dark. move it around until the light fills the bottle.

It was a lot of fun to make and I hope you enjoy all the videos and photos on this page.

Make sure to leave a comment and let us know if you made this too!


eBay has everything you need:

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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Estimated Cost: $0-$15


  • 1 Clear bottle WITH a screw-on lid.
  • Thin, but long glitter, see photos. You'll want 2-3 colors for these. 
  • Small round glitter. Not super fine just normal size. You'll want 2 colors of these. 
  • Medium sized round glitter. You'll want 1-2 colors of these.
  • Kyro LITE Syrup. Not dark, but lite syrup. The amount depends on the bottle you have to use. But basically, enough to fill half of your chosen container.
  • Vegetable oil. Again, just enough to fill half of your container.  
  • Super Glue. To bond the inside of the cap to the bottle top screw threads.


  • Just your hands and a creative mind!


  1. The first thing we need to do is make sure the bottle is cleaned and the wrapper is removed. clear bottle
  2. Now, select your glitter choices. Make sure not to overload it! The glitter will be visible but you also don't want to have it get too caught up between the two liquids.
  3. Take the vegetable oil and fill the bottle halfway. The reason we put the oil in first is that if you put the syrup is first it will stick to everything and coat the bottle and the oil won't be able to do its job of making things slick enough to slide through the syrup.
  4. Add the Kyro syrup now.
  5. Take the cap and turn it upside down. On the inside of the cap add a line around the whole cap and quickly replace the cap and tighten it being careful not to get glue on the bottle or your hands.


Like I said earlier, try placing a light under the bottle. It creates a really neat effect that reflects the light off the glitter it's pretty mesmerizing! Glitter Sensory Bottle

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Transcript from the sensory bottle project (v1).

Chantel (Mom) 0:15
Welcome to Ma’la’ki’s world, this is Ma’la’ki, I’m Justin his father, I’m Chantel his mother and we are going to be doing

Justin (Dad) 0:27
a sensory bottle, something fun that he can play with, lots of colors and little trinkets and stuff inside.

Chantel (Mom) 0:42
So as you notice, we’ve got a whole bunch of different things here from Walmart, the only place that we could get these things we got little things put in, like cars

Justin (Dad) 1:04
We’ll put some links in there at the end so you guys stuff check out

Chantel (Mom) 1:10
We’ve got some glitters

Justin (Dad) 1:13
You So with these ones here,

Chantel (Mom) 1:16
of course, he chose all of this

Justin (Dad) 1:17
on his own. He did. He chose all of this on his own. So this is all his

Chantel (Mom) 1:23
of course you’ll need an empty bottle. So make sure you get an empty bottle doesn’t matter what size the bigger the better we chose this bottle and then you’ll need corn syrup. Lite is what you need. Vegetable oil that’s also what you’re gonna need

Justin (Dad) 1:48
the concept behind it you fill the bottle with these things here and then it’ll suspend these things so that they can float around and really neat with lots of colors to look at

Chantel (Mom) 2:02
But this is all the things he chose you’ll need superglue as well. We’ll get started by opening as you see it came off the bottle very easily

Justin (Dad) 2:24
sometimes they don’t do sometimes well we’ve

Chantel (Mom) 2:26
had this bottle sitting for we have we’ve had that bottle for a while I was watching team and make sure you wash it cleaner the better but this is a bottle and there’s Ma’la’ki so

Justin (Dad) 2:44
ready son? ready Ma’la’ki?

Chantel (Mom) 2:54

first the bottle needs to be open so open the bottle. but like mommy he likes shinny this is just an easy clip open snap open you can get at Walmart it’s only $1 something

dollar something at Walmart

all these are dollar something at Walmart

and these are buttons for everybody. these little trinkets here. These are buttons as you can see. So Ma’la’ki loves buttons and cars

Justin (Dad) 4:00
cars and you know I thought about replacing buttons on some of his things but he doesn’t really have any buttons everything is zippers

Chantel (Mom) 4:11
he loves his underwater creatures I’m from Hawaii so he has Hawaiian bloodline he loves his ocean. Really well but this is the buttons we chose for him. Glue, Make sure to have the glue open.

Justin (Dad) 4:40
that’ll open up all

Chantel (Mom) 4:41
the glue needs to be open and ready. Okay, it works. Okay, well yeah, don’t have to cut it. It works automatically almost glued my fingers with the damn thing.


so Now we can get started. Yeah, let’s get started son. Yeah, put some glitters in.


Yeah. Okay, we’re gonna be putting this glitters in first. You don’t have to put a lot because you’re gonna be putting in a lot of things. So just a little bit we’ll do and if you have a little infant child like ours Ma’la’ki Um Do not let him play with it until you close it Okay, we’re gonna do a fancy bottle we’re doing all the colors this is blue now were doing blue here we go




So this is what it looks like so far. actually looks pretty cool, make sure to close the glitter covers or they will spill.


this is a different blue it’s a bigger it’s bigger. still shinny Here’s the blue. that’s cool huh? Yeah, you’ll, see you it when its done that Pretty, huh? sparkly silver. Silver. This is silver yes were doing all shiny glittery things Okay, so we’re gonna be putting more as you notice if I tell you not putting it near baby

curiosity. Okay, so we just put silver in. Now we’re going to put in another silver the bigger silver favorite he’s going to open

it is.

So this is the silver. Silver. This is the bigger silver.

Yes. here we go

Oh, other babies going to like it too? yeah?


Okay, next we’ve got this blue. It’s a big blue. Baby Blue kind of glittery and shiny

Justin (Dad) 9:46
Oh, that’s looking awesome okay.

Chantel (Mom) 9:53

Justin (Dad) 9:55
mommy’s favorite color

Chantel (Mom) 9:56
this color. oh love it! and this one, its kind of a magenta sparkling coming an out nice this is how its coming out to be far everybody if you guys can see all the colors mixing out pretty cool That’s all we got in there so far

all the glitter colors and whatnot yeah you’ll see it when we are done.

is the purple sparkly pretty cool. Were almost done, here’s the Gold everybody.


and Green Ma’la’ki is telling everybody hi everybody


yeah that’s cool.

Gold and Silver

need to mix them real good

is the silver

This is the white very nice very pretty. We had all the glitters, that’s what we did look at that it looks like a disco ball next you’re adding some oil You’re adding in the oil First because if you add the Karo syrup first everything will stick to the bottom so adding in your oil first will keep all the glitters from sticking to the bottom and that is what it looks like all mixed with the glitters in there nice and shiny

way cool

we have his beads

about a half a bottle of beads

Justin (Dad) 16:00
really want to play with that don’t you

Chantel (Mom) 16:03
now gonna put in all of these ones yeah

we’re gonna put all of his creatures now

so we just put in all the

creatures in the bottle with more oil and now we’re going to add the Karo syrup

he’s having a snack. Okay, so this we are adding in here yes it is safe to eat this is corn syrup but you don’t want to or you’ll end up with diabetes. So and you just pour it in Oh as you see we have the perfect amount to make this


Justin (Dad) 18:20
That’s so cool. How it’s all separated right now.

Chantel (Mom) 18:30
All right, now we’re going to glue it


You have to glue it shut

don’t want them to open it and end up trying to drink it.

So make sure you get that glue over in that

you just put the cover on.

Wait about 10-15 minutes. And you have a toy that will keep your baby busy for as long as it keeps your baby busy.


Justin (Dad) 19:24
there you go.

Chantel (Mom) 19:26
Thank you for

watching. What do you think Ma’la’ki?

Ma’la’ki’s World, and making

Justin (Dad) 19:30
a sensory bottle.

Chantel (Mom) 19:51
Thank you for watching Ma’la’ki’s World.

Justin (Dad) 20:03
We’ll put it up in the window. Almost.

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